TechnoMBM Kantenautomat Universal für runde Kanten

Number of polishing heads:


Number of polishing heads for upper and lower chamfer:


Working thickness:

From 20 mm to 60 mm

Minimum working width:

200 mm

Minimum working length:

410 mm.

Calibrating motor power:

5.5 kW

Disk motor power:

4 kW

Pressing bar motor power:

0.55 kW

Hydraulic plant motor power:

11 kW

Belt motor power:

0.75 kW

Standard voltage and cycles:

400 V / 50 Hz

Water consumption each head:

16 L/min.


6200 mm.


2200 mm.


2100 mm.

Total weight:

5500 kg.

Height from floor to belt surface:

830 mm.



6 polishing heads      max working thickness 60 mm


  • Steel structure
  • Planed steel slide surface
  • PVC belt with prismatic guide
  • Belt movement powered by gear motor 0,75 kW with adjustable speed driven by inverter
  • Digital display of the belt speed on the interface keyboard
  • Electronic servo control for automatic positioning in relation to the thickness of the material
  • Machine management with an interface with 5” digital touch screen display
  • Pressing bar with driffing rollers, with automatic rise and descent control
  • N°1 Upper milling unit, inclined at 45°, with 4 kW motor for diamond wheel Ø 125
  • N°1 Lower milling unit, inclined at 45°, with 4 kW motor for diamond wheel Ø 125
  • N°1 Calibrating unit with 5,5 kW motor
  • Pneumatic polishing units for Ø 130 abrasive, driven by hydraulic motors
  • The polishing units, are installed on a single aluminium unit, rotating by 180° with lever system, with alternate rotating motion driven by brushless motors with electronic servo drive; said group may be locked at will each 2.5° of the rotation angle to allow polishing of flat and inclined edges
  • Nr.2 On line fix pneumatic unit with kW 1,5 motor each for flat edges polishing
  • Nr.2 Inclined, opposed units for bevelling (n.1 upper and n.1 lower) each having a kW 1,5 motor
  • N° 1 Disc cutting unit with kW 4 motor
  • Hydraulic power plant with 150 litres tank and 11 kW pump motor
  • Nr.1 Horizontal side support bar with wheels, manually extensible for wide pieces working
  • Independent water and pneumatic system for each unit
  • In and out roller 1000 mm long
  • Electrics to international EEC standards with automatic/manual processing cycle controlled by electronic programmer

Standard working way from LEFT to RIGHT.

The edge polishing machine UNIVERSAL, has been produced and designed for calibrating, polishing of flat, bullnose and round profiled  edges, 45° chamfering and disk cutting for water drip on marble, granite, natural and artificial stones with thicknesses from 20 to 60 mm.

Heavy steel composed structures are the main frame of the machine.
The perfectly plane sliding surfaces allows the flatness forwarding of the material and assure a perfect working on very log pieces, too.
The working process is possible  without the use of extra guiding bars thanks to a guided belt, both on the sliding surface and on the rolls. The flexibility to adapt the machine for different materials characteristic is guaranteed by the separate control of every single head.
The pneumatic counterpressure system on the upper chamfer heads, makes the adjustment of the chamfer size very accurate, and  excludes any unwanted intervention of the head.

The 5.5 kW calibrating unit, allows also the raw working of different edge shapes by the use of shaped tool.

MACHINE MANAGEMENT: The machine is managed with an interface keyboard with touch screen and digital display with the following function: in and out control of the single heads from the material; exclusion of every single heads from the automatic cycle; belt speed display in m/1’; material length display in mm; selection of pre loaded programs for different profile working and automatic adjustment for the selected thickness.


Kantenautomat Universal runde Kanten