TechnoMBM Ideal 35 Brückensäge

Maximum blade diameter:

600 mm

Maximum cutting thickness (with Ø 600 mm. blade):

21 cm

Vertical stroke:

500 mm

Bench measures with side shelves:

1700×3000 mm

Blade motor power:

15 KW (20 HP)

Blade rotation per minute (rpm)

1450 g/1’

Up and down motor power:

0,75 KW (1 HP)

Left and right motor power:

1,1 KW (1,5 HP)

Bridge back and forth motor power: 0,55 KW (0,75HP)
Maximum cutting sizes:

3500×3500 mm

Head manual tilting to:


Standard voltage and cycles:

380 V / 50 Hz

Water consumption:

30 L/min


6000 mm


4600 mm


2800 mm

Rails length:

4500 mm

Total weight:

4250 Kg


Machine designed for the cut of marble, granite and generic stones.

The strong steel structure of the IDEAL 35 bridge saw makes it a very accurate machine

Some special features, like user-friendly interface, versatility and possibility to customize every single detail, makes the IDEAL 35 bridge saw the right machine for every workshop.

It is composed with a strong double tube steel bridge that moves on two H shaped steel rails 4500 mm long, by means of oil bath rollers protected with stainless steel covers.

It’s equipped with a 20 HP (15 KW) disk motor that moves on the bridge by means of a sliding support on oil bath cast iron guides. The movement of the bridge on the different measures is made by a manual handwheel that can be locked. To assure the accuracy in cutting, the machine is equipped with one digital display that shows both the vertical and the horizontal measure with 1/10 mm accuracy. The motor can be manually tilted up to 45°.

Cut’s programmer

The vertical movement is performed by an endless screw with endless bronze nut, driven by electric gearbox with double speed motor. The main motor moves up and down on two chromed round tubes Ø 120 mm that slides on bronze bushes.

The maximum cutting sizes are 3500x3500mm. All movements, unless bridge movement on the rails, are electrics and driven by electronic inverters that keeps a regular and homogeneous movement, and allow speed adjustment from 0 up to maximum.

The machine is complete with a heavy duty milled steel tilting bench 1700×3000 mm that can be manually rotated on bearing disc Ø 800 mm with manual locking at 0° and 90°.

All the controls of the machine are situated in a box beside the working bench. A remote control with all main commands is also provided to allow the maximum flexibility of working.

The electric system of the machine is made with Siemens components and in according to international standards.