GARRONE Talpha 200








TALPA 200 has been developed for cutting limestone and soft stones in underground quarries. It can cut horizontally and vertically up to 2 m deep.

The machine can carry out a series of horizontal cuts starting from ground level to a maximum height of 3.70/4 m (this can vary according to customers’ requirements), and a series of vertical cuts with a maximum distance between the two extremities of 4.30 m, maintaining  a single cutting position. This allows the execution of perfectly perpendicular cuts without errors due to repeated changes in the cutting positions.

The height of the tunnel and the depth of the cut are interdependent:  it is indeed crucial to be able to carry out a rotation of the head unit and its related arm inside the tunnel, in order to be able to position the machine and cut both horizontally and vertically.

Talpa 200 is characterised by a robust structure: on its lower platform there are the hydraulic operative unit, a motor-pump unit, the electrical panel board and other commands.

Connected to the vertical columns, a horizontal rail, by means of a motor-transformer, sets in motion the trolley on which the head unit is positioned, this latter made up of a series of lubricated mechanisms which can rotate the arm at 360 degrees.

A slewing ring is situated between the trolley and the head unit, which allows the whole head unit to rotate at 360 degrees. This enables the operator to position the arm horizontally in order to carry out cuts on the roof, as well as cuts at ground level and/or any intermediate cuts; or vertically, to execute any desired cuts with a maximum extension between the two extremities of 4.30 m,  without having to move the machine at all.

Two metric wheels and two neutrals are located under the base of the Talpa 200: they allow the machine to move on the quarry floor without any need for lifting it by mechanical means.

Four stabilisers are situated on the platform, to stabilise the machine level with the ground: another two can be found at the top of the vertical columns, making it easy for the machine to be anchored to the tunnel roof.

TALPA 200 makes use of a hydraulic system consisting of a pump with variable cylinder capacity, which allows to change the turns of the chain, whilst another variable pump  feeds all other movements.

The working movements have hydraulically changeable speed and are all protected by high pressure valves.

A powerful air/oil exchanger starts working automatically and guarantees the correct cooling of the hydraulic oil.

Talpa 200 is supplied with remote control device which activates all the machine’s movements, allowing the user to work with greater freedom and at a safe distance.


The machine can respectively work with:

  1. Wolfram carbide plate “Widia”(dry or water usage)

1a. Type with four cutting blades (on request)

1b. Type with eight cutting blades (standard)

  1. “Stratapax” polycrystalline diamond inserts


Technical data

    • Arm and chain with actual cutting depth: 1.70 – 2.00 m max
    • Rotation speed of adjustable chain: 0-1.8 m/sec
    • Cutting width: 42 mm
    • Total installed power: 30 kW/ 40 CV
    • Tunnel height with machine positioned on the ground: 3.70/4.00 metres. (This can vary according to customers’ requirements)
    • Maximum distance between the two vertical cuts at the extremities (without having to reposition the machine): 4.3 m
    • Rotation of cutting arm: 360 degrees
    • Rotation of the arm support unit: 360 degrees
    • Capacity of hydraulic oil tank: 220 litres
    • Total weight of the machine including arm and chain: 5,500 kg
    • Wireless remote control