TechnoMBM TORO 3000 Handbearbeitungszentrum

Tools diameter:

Ø 100 mm

Number of brakes and disc diameter:

N° 3  Ø 500 mm

Maximum working thickness:

12 cm.

Vertical spindle stroke

250 mm.

Pieceholder frame sizes:

2000×600 mm.

Motor power:

5,5 KW

Maximum working sizes:

3000×1000 mm.

Standard voltage and cycles:

380 V / 50 Hz

Water consumption

16 L/min.


6000 mm.


1800 mm.


2200 mm.

Total weight:

3600 Kg.




The TORO 3000 shaping machine has been produced and designed for production of sinks, kitchen tops and all the desired shapes on marble, granite and generic stones.

It drill holes, grind and polish internal and external surfaces with or without template, up to 1000×3000 mm. It drills holes from 20 up to 320 mm on thicknesses up to 120 mm. It can polish straight edges up to 3000 mm. It’s equipped with a 5,5 KW motor, its speed is adjustable from 0 up to 8000 rpm. The main motor has an ISO 30 tool holder cone with pneumatic release. Tool cooling is guaranteed by a water flow coming from the inside of it. The 1000×3000 mm. moving bench, moves on oil bath guides properly protected with stainless steel covers. A special tilting frame is joined to the bench to allow drainboard working. The adjustable bench speed is electronic controlled to assure the smoothest movement. Rubber and stainless steel covers, convey waste water in an appropriate drain channel. Vertical spindle movement is made by an electronic controlled gearbox that can be driven by hand, too. Total stroke is 250 mm. The piece to work is clamped with 4 pneumatic pistons with adjustable pressure.

In shaping working, the machine is completely hand-driven and this make it really simple to use, but very flexible, these characteristics make it the ideal machine for little workshop, but for big factories too, to produce prototype or special pieces that, otherwise, needs a long programming and positioning operations on automatic machines.